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Time Tracking Software

A 100% automatic time tracking solution that eliminates wasted time in manual reporting, avoids errors, oversights or incomplete reports.

Improve time management

Start and end times, break time and overtime.

Calculate actual activity

Automatically measurement of effective working time.

3 ways
to clock in at work

100% automatic PC clockin, app and online.

Work & holidays

Holiday, sick leave, remote work and any personal request. Notification system.

No costs of infrastructure

Installs and configures
in minutes.


Accessible from anywhere,
secure data storage
in the cloud.

With Time@Work you will be able to carry out a 100% automated control of the worked hours

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Easily Manage Your Employee's Time and Attendance

With years of experience in the market and a patented technology, Time@Work offers you an automatic tracking time system.

Thanks to Time@Work we've improved our registration of working hours system. All the data are available immediately on real time. It helps us keep an accurate record of the working time of all our workers, including those who work from home."
Raquel Vidal - General Manager
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A summary panel shows you the activity rate of your team, how many employees are active today and the main notifications.

Time control and attendance report

Time@Work provides you with a daily attendance and hours report with the start and end times of the day, working hours, breaks and overtime.

The reports are generated in real time and automatically, they are always complete and you can access them at any time and from any office.

Vacation, leave and absence manager

Time@Work offers a complete vacation and absences manager to easily process:

  • Vacation request
  • Permits and cancellations
  • Work Calendar
  • Notifications and approval system

You have all the information centralised on one platform.You save time for processing requests, validations and counting days of absence.

Check the scope of the objectives

This report provides you with data on total hours of activity, as well as daily averages per employee for a date range. You can analyze the scope of the objectives.

Easily analyze the results of your teams

Complete activity reports per day. It allows you, at a simple glance, to check if the results are aligned with the objectives.

You can compare the results that are obtained when the employees are teleworking or when they work in the office.

Information for Human Resources and team managers

Time @ work offers a summary of holidays, absences and leaves of the entire organization for the HR department. Managers can view their teams' business calendar and easily validate employee requests.  

Make sure to give feedback and share the information with employees

Time@Work provides employees with objective data on their own performance.

They will be able to see their results, analyze them, correct bad habits and better manage interruptions.

Take down the thieves of time in your organization and make people more focused on their tasks.



Eliminates wasted time in manual reporting that reduces the productivity of employees.

Avoid possible

We guarantee to always have the reports in real time for any office. It's automatic!.

HR time

Reduces the administrative burden on the HR department and eliminates unnecessary expenses.

Work remotely
with confidence

We offer you the best compromise between registration of working hours, flexibility and remote working.

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