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A 100% automatic time tracking solution that eliminates wasted time in manual reporting, avoids errors, oversights or incomplete reports.

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Start and end times, break time and overtime.

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Automatically measurement of effective working time.

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100% automatic PC clockin, app and online.

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Holiday, sick leave, remote work and any personal request. Notification system.

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With Time@Work you will be able to carry out a 100% automated control of the worked hours

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With years of experience in the market and a patented technology, Time@Work offers you an automatic tracking time system.


Who has to keep a time control?

Keeping track of your employees' working hours is not optional. The Working Time Regulation (1998) establishes the maximum weekly working time, overtime pay, record keeping, length of night work and breaks. Every employer is required to maintain employee records, including hours worked each day and total hours worked each week. Records must be accurate and must be kept for at least two years, but there is no particular format that time-tracking records must follow.

How do you sign in?

Although the Law does not specifically define what tools should be used to keep track of employees' hours, it does stipulate that the system must “provide reliable, unchangeable and non-manipulative information a posteriori, either by the employer or by the owner himself. worker". It is therefore recommended to implement technological systems to control time and attendance, which allow the daily registration, entry and exit of workers.

How is it recommended that the working day record report be?

The working day record report must include:

  • The name of the worker
  • The date
  • The time you start working
  • The time that work ends
  • The time of breaks
  • The length of the working day
  • Overtime

The difference between the hours elapsed since the beginning and the end of the day and the time of breaks will be considered as effective working time. The time of breaks must be documented exhaustively, otherwise, the effective working time would be equivalent to the time of presence (start - end of the working day).

The calculation of overtime, as stipulated in article 35 of the workers' statute, will be based on those hours of actual work that are carried out over the maximum duration of the day.

How is it recommended to keep time records in flexible and teleworking environments?

With the pandemic, we have observed a boom in remote work and everything points towards its continuity beyond a certain return to normality. Time tracking control does not constitute an impediment or a brake on teleworking. It is recommended to carry out the effective work registration through telematic registers or similar.

How long does the data have to be kept?

The company must keep the records for two years and these will remain at the disposal of the workers, their legal representatives and the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate. If the organization has several centers or locations, the employee's time control reports must be available at any center at any time.

What happens if the employer fails to comply with the Working Time Regulations?

Employers who do not comply with the 1998 Working Time Regulations may face a complaint in an employment court. If the complaint is confirmed, the court will make a statement to that effect and may order the employer to pay compensation, if one or more employees are involved. Workers cannot be fired or selected for dismissal, or suffer any other harm, for challenging their employer's refusal or for failing to recognize their employment rights or for taking action in court or tribunal. Requiring any worker covered by the Regulation to work excessively long hours could lead to prosecution and an unlimited fine.

How does Time@Work help you to comply the time tracking regulations?

  • Registers to the schedule automatically - Adapts to remote work - reports are always up to date
    Time@Work is an employee time control software that collects data automatically and objectively. The data is recorded in real time. It provides reliable and unchangeable information. It automatically collects the start and working hours from the worker's device, so the time record is made whether the employee is working in the office or working from home. It also offers a time control app for mobile employees. The automation guarantees that the reports are always up to date and eliminates unnecessary administrative tasks for the Human Resources department.
  • Measure effective working time and calculate overtime
    Time@Work measures actual employee activity (effective work time) and accurately calculates break time. Provides, to the Human Resources department, complete reports of the record of the day and overtime reports for each worker.
  • Data storage
    It is a completely SaaS application (in the cloud), it does not require expensive investments in infrastructure, facilities, or special equipment. It generates reports in Excel, PDF and CSV formats, offering data security guarantees and information backup. The data is kept securely for 4 years.
  • Data availability
    The data can be accessed from any place or workplace at any time
  • Employees can access your data
    Employees will be able to access their personal data, can self-assess their own performance, optimize their work time management and increase their productivity
  • Provide managers with information about the performance of their teams
    Managers have access to data related to work activity and worker hours, to control and balance workloads, as well as easily assess the performance of their teams and understand work dynamics

It is important to note that an optimal timekeeping solution not only covers the need for labor control and legal compliance, it is also an effective solution to increase efficiency and employee performance.

Employee time tracking solutions, such as Time@Work, which not only provide complete reports on the working day and working hours of each professional, but also provide data on the quality of work, facilitate self-management of time, improve the productivity and promote the implementation of new forms of work, such as flexible hours or teleworking, providing transparency with totally objective and accurate information.

A solution that in addition to complying with the time tracking regulations, guarantees the right of digital disconnection to workerssince it has an alert system that warns the employee when he has reached the end of his day, recommending that he disconnect from his device and of your job responsibilities. In this way, Time@Work promotes the reconciliation between work and family life, generating an adequate balance.

The positive results generated by having time control software for companies eliminates the typical myths of the time register, which devalue their benefits. Implementing software that manages the registration of working hours is increasingly common and mandatory in organizations that want to improve their processes

Whatever the reason that companies have, it seems that the growing need to know information on compliance with working hours, forces companies to want a time control of their employees to know their performance and promote their growth. The best solution is one that, in addition to complying with the time control, also allows employees to manage and optimize their own time in the best possible way.

Thanks to Time@Work we've improved our registration of working hours system. All the data are available immediately on real time. It helps us keep an accurate record of the working time of all our workers, including those who work from home."
Raquel Vidal - General Manager
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A summary panel shows you the activity rate of your team, how many employees are active today and the main notifications.

Time control and attendance report

Time@Work provides you with a daily attendance and hours report with the start and end times of the day, working hours, breaks and overtime.

El fichaje es 100% automático por lo que los informes son siempre completos y puedes acceder a ellos en cualquier momento y desde cualquier oficina o sede.

Vacation, leave and absence manager

Time@Work offers a complete vacation and absences manager to easily process:

  • Vacation request
  • Permits and cancellations
  • Work Calendar
  • Notifications and approval system

You have all the information centralised on one platform.You save time for processing requests, validations and counting days of absence.

Check the scope of the objectives

This report provides you with data on total hours of activity, as well as daily averages per employee for a date range. You can analyze the scope of the objectives.

Easily analyze the results of your teams

Complete activity reports per day. It allows you, at a simple glance, to check if the results are aligned with the objectives.

You can compare the results that are obtained when the employees are teleworking or when they work in the office.

Information for Human Resources and team managers

Time @ work offers a summary of holidays, absences and leaves of the entire organization for the HR department. Managers can view their teams' business calendar and easily validate employee requests.  

Make sure to give feedback and share the information with employees

Time@Work provides employees with objective data on their own performance.

They will be able to see their results, analyze them, correct bad habits and better manage interruptions.

Take down the thieves of time in your organization and make people more focused on their tasks.



Eliminates wasted time in manual reporting that reduces the productivity of employees.

Avoid possible

We guarantee to always have the reports in real time for any office. It's automatic!.

HR time

Reduces the administrative burden on the HR department and eliminates unnecessary expenses.

Work remotely
with confidence

We offer you the best compromise between registration of working hours, flexibility and remote working.

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