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Optimized strategic management:

"In a highly competitive environment, cost control and productivity are critical aspects, as they directly affect the final cost of the product"

"Privalia needed to bring objectivity to the team's performance and improve results"

30% increase in productivity

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The Challenge

The eCommerce sector has experienced the highest growth since 2009.

Although Privalia is the leader in the online sales club sector in Spain, there are several competitors that follow closely, trying to offer better prices and services to its customers. In this highly competitive environment, being fast and objective decision-making is required, cost control and productivity are critical aspects, since they directly affect the final cost of the product.

​Privalia has a development area made up of more than 30 technicians and programmers. His manager, aligned with the company objectives and priorities, was concerned that his team was aware of its productivity and improve its overall performance and effort. There was no tool that could objectively measure the effort of the area and this lack of objectivity prevented its manager from demanding an objective improvement in the productivity of his team.

On the other hand, the project managers needed to know that all the areas were managed efficiently, and the development manager was unable to offer quantitative metrics of the effort that his team members were making. In this environment, it seemed clearly beneficial to incorporate a solution that not only provided objectivity to the team's performance, but also helped to obtain better results, all without violating people's privacy.

The solution

Privalia relied on EffiWork platform to improve that situation.

Firstly, people were informed that they would proceed to measure productivity and activity at the individual level, but always respecting personal times defined by the person in charge of the area.

Subsequently, they were given access to learn about their own activity and effectiveness, and targets were established based on actual measurements obtained through EffiWork.

The tool is currently used as an objective basis for the maintenance of optimal performance, as well as for decision-making when distributing workload, reinforcing or redefining the area, etc.​

The Development area has experienced a substantial increase in activity and productivity, and EffiWork is used by Privalia as a strategic management tool for continuous improvement.

Technicians not only work based on final objectives, but also on objective performance metrics, they are aware that their effort is strategic for the company. In addition, personal time has been incorporated, which the employee decides to use if she deems it necessary for her own purposes, and which makes it possible to clearly discern between strictly personal and professional activity, keeping both within the desired thresholds.​


After the first 30 days from the incorporation of the tool an average improvement of 20% in activity and 30% in productivity has been obtained.

Objectivity and metrics allow for better management of the area and the team feels that they have a responsibility to reach certain levels of effort, while maintaining their personal space.

All this has generated better habits in the technical teams and in management, with a clear impact on speed, cost and quality.

The company now has a tool that maintains high productivity and controlled cost, and can make decisions based on objective results..

About Privalia

Privalia is the market's leading online fashion store.

Created in 2006 in Barcelona as an online store, which offers daily sales of products from the best brands at exceptional prices and exclusively to its customers.

Currently, with more than 34 million registered users worldwide, Privalia is a leader in all the markets where it operates (Spain 2006, Italy 2007, Brazil 2008 and Mexico 2010) and has established itself as a clear reference for its sector.

The company employs a team of more than 1,000 people worldwide with 18 different nationalities.





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1001 - 5000 employees

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