Increased labor productivity:

Logitravel succeeded in increasing employee productivity and continues to use EffiWork in its continuous improvement processes.

"Logitravel set out to analyze the performance of its employees to identify opportunities for improvement and maintain its level of excellence"

+20% of productivity

Greater focus on key tasks

Improve time management

Improved time management


Logitravel is an international company that has work teams distributed in different countries.

In order to maintain a high level of excellence, identify opportunities for improvement, develop and implement appropriate change policies, the company set out to analyze the performance of its employees.

A common characteristic of employees in the performance of their activity is the use of technological tools (ERPs, mail, internet, CRM, mobile ...).

The Challenge

Logitravel was clear that to undertake this in-depth study, it needed a solution that measured the activity and use of the tools, productivity rates of individuals employees and work teams, as well as recording the time invested in the various ongoing projects.

Additionally, there were other requirements regarding precision, objectivity in the data provided, automation and ease of implementation.

The solution

EffiWork was the solution that best suited the project needs, met all requirements, and provided an opportunity for continuous improvement beyond the need for initial measurement.

The project was implemented in different stages, which included the initial identification of the project team (managers and department managers), the definition of the improvement objectives that were intended to be achieved, and a process of communicating to the employees about the challenges and the project development.

During its launch, the training sessions were held for managers and employees. In these sessions, they were easily shown how to configure EffiWork to obtain and interpret their data.

Finally, EffiWork was deployed in the jobs of different departments of the company. From the moment of its installation, EffiWork began listing the applications and websites used by employees in their daily work activities, allowing the configuration of a first productivity map and obtaining objective data on the productivity of work groups.


  • The first observations indicated that the productive activity of the set of the lower than that expected by the organization.

  • A comparison between departments highlighted differences in performance levels, especially between call centers in different countries and between development departments.

  • The analysis of the use of the applications allowed to identify an excessive use of the electronic mail (up to 40% of the productive time in some cases). The analysis of the average time of dedication per application was low (much less than 1 minute).

?Despu├ęs de 5 meses desde el inicio del proyecto, los resultados conseguidos fueron significativos:

  • Improved productivity: an increase in productivity is observed for all employees by 20%.

  • Improved time management: in some departments, thanks to the information that EffiWork provides on the use of time and applications, employees improved their work habits, focusing more on the use of productive applications, dedicating their time to priority tasks and projects, achieving productivity increases of up to 30%.

  • Reduction of non-productive activity: 70% of the departments have a non-productive activity time of less than 30 minutes per day, much less than that registered at the beginning of the project.

  • Time Control: Additionally. Logitravel uses, since May 2019, the EffiWork time control module to comply with the new Workday Registration Law and avoid possible fines. Time@Work, to comply with the new Time and Attendance Law and avoid possible fines. The system provides them with a daily time record per employee optimizing the management of working time.

?In conclusion, EffiWork has proven to be the solution that best suited Logitravel's needs, effectively solving the challenges posed by the project. Logitravel, once the initial objectives have been reached, continues to use EffiWork as a key element in its continuous improvement processes in the performance of its employees.

About Logitravel

Logitravel is an online travel agency based in Mallorca specialized in cruises, coastal hotels and vacation packages. Founded in 2004 by a group of experts in web development applied to the tourism sector, Logitravel has more than 200 employees with extensive experience in the tourism sector.

Logitravel is currently present in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland, Mexico and Brazil.


Leisure, travel and tourism



Company size:

201-500 employees

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