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20% increase in productivity

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The Challenge

In 2011 we decided to undertake a modernization plan for the professional management of the city council.

The main objective was to be able to assess the level of performance both individually and collectively and adjust the resources to the real needs of the Terrassa City Council.

We quickly realized that we lacked performance indicators, reliable and exhaustive usage metrics of computer systems, and to know to what extent the uses were aligned with the needs and objectives of the City Council.

We looked for a solution that would allow us to understand work patterns, identify the main areas for improvement and have an objective basis to decide the actions to prioritize and implement.

The solution

We chose EffiWork because it was the product that best met our needs since it allowed:

  • Automatically collect data avoiding long manual reporting processes.

  • Guarantee people's privacy and offer them a time self-management tool.

  • Have a monitoring system for our network.

  • Know the use of our internet access and the degree of use of technological devices.

  • Having an inventory of use and exploitation of applications in real time, so that it allowed us to capture information on the use of systems in an efficient and transparent manner.

  • Integrate other external platforms to complement the metrics and facilitate management.

  • Having an easy-to-deploy tool and a pay-as-you-go model fits perfectly with our IT strategy.

In May 2011, the implementation of EffiWork began in more than 1,500 workstations that regularly use the computer.

The deployment of EffiWork in all the devices of the organization was carried out in phases and in a very controlled way. Despite the fact that the device park was very heterogeneous and partly obsolete, the deployment process was extremely simple and uneventful. Regarding the maintenance and administration of EffiWork, throughout the 3 years of operation in our organization, we have been able to verify its robustness and reliability, not having observed any incident that has affected the systems.

After implementation was complete, employees were given access to EffiWork data so they could familiarize themselves with the solution as well as begin to study their performance data.


Having detailed metrics on the use of computer systems has provided the organization with valuable information.

All information on the activity and productivity of workers in each department is available to their respective managers, and also in a personalized and confidential way, available to each worker.

The head of each department can evaluate the activity and productivity of all its members, make decisions with their teams to improve, observe and measure the evolution of results.

For his part, the worker can see the details of his activity, identify "time thieves", know which activities are productive and which activities are not, becoming aware of non-productive uses that he did not know and improve his time management.

Thanks to the use of EffiWork, the productive activity of the entire organization has increased by 20%.

In parallel, the software and PC usage metrics obtained with EffiWork have allowed us to identify several cases of underused equipment and software, which has made it easier for us to make decisions regarding equipment renovations and the optimization of resources.

Soon we will add mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, based on Android, to the set of systems that we are monitoring with EffiWork, so that we will have a more complete view of the activity of workers.

We also plan to integrate EffiWork with our time control and access control system, complementing EffiWork with the presence data of the workers in the different municipal facilities.

About Terrassa City Council

Terrassa is a municipality located about 28 km from Barcelona and 70 km2 in area.

It has about 215,269 inhabitants and is positioned within the 25 most important municipalities in Spain.


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