Improved management and decision making:

"Improving productivity, transparency and rigor, and promoting modernization"

"The City Council of Gavà needed a strategic tool for productivity improvement, management by objectives, improvement of results, and to promote the updating of management and teleworking."

20% increase in productivity

Improve decision making

Remote work and savings plan

Increase in labor productivity:


The Challenge

The Gavà City Council wanted to improve management by applying criteria of rationality, efficiency and austerity, while at the same time modernizing the municipal organization and positioning itself as a reference body in the implementation of the changes that public administrations and the local world must undertake.

Was developed the GAVÀ21 Plan in order to optimize the use of resources, reduce expenses and offer a better service to citizens, and in which, in addition to other initiatives, management solutions for HR that would allow measuring, optimizing and dedicating resources more efficiently, focusing on improving productivity.

The aim was to improve the management model to make it more solid and efficient, having more objectivity and being able to make the right decisions to strengthen the areas that provide more value to the citizens. It was also intended to contemplate initiatives for savings, transparency and, in short, to support the GAVÀ21 Plan to rationalize and better manage resources.

The solution

The City Council of Gavà chose EffiWork for its non-intrusive and automatic data collection feature, to guarantee objectivity, and for its ease and speed of implementation.

  • In June, the will to implement the EffiWork productivity platform was communicated to board members, middle management, the works council and employees.

  • Training has already began for middle managers.

  • The EffiWork software was deployed in mid-July 2012. In the first phase, it was decided to measure only activities with computers, although EffiWork also allows other technological devices to be measured.

  • After the tool was deployed, productivity maps were set up and all workers were also given access to become aware of and begin to improve their productivity.


After only 3 months since the implementation, the achieved results are the following ones:

  • Giving access to the employees, an average productivity increase of 20% has been obtained in all departments.

  • The areas with the most opportunities for improvement could be precisely identified.

  • New work dynamics were discovered, and on which improvement plans are already being made.

  • EffiWork has been widely accepted by the people involved, who consider the solution as something very positive for the management of their time.

  • Internal decisions are being made more objectively.

Thanks to the data provided by EffiWork, the Gavà City Council is going to implement improvement and change policies in the medium and long term, which is why it has decided:

1. Study the Presentation of an IT reduction plan to eliminate up to 25% in equipment and licenses, detected as unnecessary or that can be exploited on a rotational basis (VDI), with the consequent savings.

2. Study a plan, supported by EffiWork, to integrate a telework program, over the next 3 years, as telework is proven:

  • It provides greater motivation and commitment of the personnel.

  • It allows improvements in productivity and quality of work.

  • It reduces costs due to staff turnover and sick leave, as well as indirect maintenance and consumption costs, and travel around the city, which is clearly aligned with the energy saving policies promoted by the City Council and with those related to the "Smart City" concept.

  • Economic savings for workers and the City Council.

3. Share in a transparent way with its citizens the rigor and productivity measures that are being applied, as they are proof of the good management that is being imposed in the City Council.

4. Management and productivity with some other initiatives will be able to be applied from now on with criteria of greater objectivity..

?With EffiWork, in addition to internal improvements, better service to citizens, and more professional management, the City Council of Gavà calculates that the accumulated savings over the next 3-5 years, although not yet quantified, will be several million Euros, and without the need for traumatic staff adjustments.

Sobre Ayto. de Gavá

Gavà is a municipality of about 50,000 inhabitants, it has about 500 officials in the town hall, of whom 150 work in offices.


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