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Project Management and Costs Control Software

WorkProject's unique technology allows you to detect which project you are working on and automate the allocation of time.


Automatically measures the hours invested in each project.


Time is broken down by task and sub-task, by day and employee.


The only one on the market that automatically detects projects and inputs time.

Planning &

Compare actual data with initial forecast to anticipate delays.


Calculate the costs, billing and margin for each project.


Accessible from anywhere, secure data storage in the cloud.

With WorkProject you can keep a fully automated, exhaustive control of the hours invested in each project

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The first fully automated and objective project measurement software

Eases project management, task tracking, and helps control workloads

"I would recommend WorkProject to all those companies that want to have a clear and unbiased view of what their teams do. Both in terms of the allocation of time to projects and the applications used for this purpose ... The excellent availability of the WorkProject team was very helpful for the implementation of the application.”

Juan Carlos Rojas
Director de Operaciones y Control de Gesión

“Gracias a WorkMeter tanto la empresa como el trabajador disponen de información precisa, del tiempo de trabajo y de su productividad. Tenemos métricas muy útiles para dimensionar proyectos o recursos y hemos reducido en alrededor de un 80% los costes de imputación de tiempos”

Ignacio Frías
Director Financiero y Coordinador de Dirección de Obra
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Automatic detection of projects

We have developed a system of conditional rules, unique in the market, capable of detecting which project you are working on and automatically and objectively timing it.

Errors, possible forgetfulness and especially time spent on manual reporting of employees are over.

Breakdown of activity by project

WorkProject es un software de gestión de proyectos que te ofrece detallados informes de horas de trabajo por proyectos o clientes.

You can view the total hours accumulated during the period as well as the weight (%) that it represents within the activity of your organization.

All the data can be exported in Excel, Csv and PDF and can be integrated in other platforms.

Tasks follow up

WorkProject te permite visualizar para un proyecto o un cliente el reparto de las horas de trabajo entre las tareas.

You can easily understand how the activity is broken down among the different services offered or see which employees spend the most time with a customer.

Follow-up by employee

You can analyze the activities of the employees and understand how they distribute their time among the different projects they have assigned.

Project Rentability

Workproject automatically calculates costs, billing and margin so that you can, at a glance, analyze the profitability of your projects or your client portfolio.

You will also be able to evaluate which services provide you the greatest benefit.

Project planning, forecasts and results

Plan, step by step, the existing tasks within each project and compare the actual data with the initial forecasts in order to anticipate possible delays in deliveries.



Fully automated, the data is totally objective. Avoid manual reporting by employees.

made easy

Makes project management, monitoring and data-driven project management easy.


Allows you to control the hours invested in each project and task to balance workloads.


Automatically calculate the costs, billing and profitability of each project.


Compare the progress with the initial forecasts. Allows you to avoid delays in delivery times.

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