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About WorkMeter

Leaders in the creation of human resources management software. Our technology is unique and patented.

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Our Mission

We provide organizations with objective and automatic data, to establish continuous improvement models, improve performance management and facilitate flexibility in the workplace.

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WorkMeter around the World

We have a wide network of specialized partners around the world that will help you implement our software.

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About WorkMeter

WorkMeter was born in 2012 by the entrepreneur Joan Pons with the aim of measuring and optimizing professional productivity, modernizing the business culture.

We are a team of professionals who are experts in the SaaS sector (Software as a Service) that joined forces and ideas with a group of strategic partners in the IT sector, to create software products that drive companies towards professional success.

The technology developed by WorkMeter is unique and allows you to automatically measure activity on computers. This technology is the basis of all our products and they have no competition in the market. In fact, it holds the ownership of patent US8843106B2 for the American market (System and Method for Improving Productivity). ​

Thanks to our technology we are able to provide our clients with automatic individual and collective work activity metrics. Such metrics are capable of being integrated into the general dashboard of the company to provide Management with a better understanding of tasks and opportunities for improvement in time management in all areas.

The peculiarity is that the metrics are not only automatic and therefore objective, but they are also shared transparently in the organization, respecting individual privacy and focusing on the individual being the main recipient of all information.

Since our launch, we have consolidated our client portfolio in Spain and have achieved a solid international expansion in Latin America thanks to our extensive network of partners.

Over time, we have become a benchmark for companies in the public, banking and technology sectors; We work with engineering companies, law firms, insurers, consultants among many other companies that trust in our quality of service.

Currently, at WorkMeter we are leaders in the creation of performance measurement and time management software in Spain, with more than 50,000 users who corroborate the effectiveness of our products.

Because there are only two ways to improve: measuring or by chance. Which is yours?


Our mission

Organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of social responsibility, as well as the need to adapt to changes and new work initiatives without losing productivity.

Teleworking, flexible working hours, work-life balance, or the retention of human talent are some of the new challenges that companies must face to optimize their resources and improve their productivity, increasing their competitiveness.

The problem for companies is that fear of change immobilizes them. Furthermore, a successful adaptation to this new reality requires not only the change of organizations, but also the support of the human resources that form them. For this, it is essential that employees know how to focus their efforts on achieving their individual objectives, thus contributing to the strategic growth of the organization.

For this reason, our mission at WorkMeter, as creators of performance measurement software solutions, is to help companies and organizations modernize their business culture by contributing to their adaptation within a context in constant technological and business transformation, while maintaining competitiveness. and retaining, its main asset, human talent. We offer objectivity to organizations, so that they can establish continuous improvement processes that contribute to their growth.

We provide solutions (productivity measurement, project management and day registration) to improve performance management, organizational efficiency, talent management and facilitate flexibility in the workplace.

All our products reflect individual and collective effort in a transparent way through objective data so that professionals adequately assess their performance, better manage their work time and perceive structural changes positively.


WorkMeter around the World

Contamos con una amplia red de partners especializados por todo el mundo que te ayudarán a implementar nuestro software de productividad, a emprender un proceso de mejora continua y a mejorar la productividad en tu compañía..

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