Quick Start Guide

To start using WorkMeter in your organization we recommend following next steps in a department.

Kick off

Image:ball.jpg Notify employees

Remember that we are always at your disposal to offer advice and guide through any doubt that might have arisen. Simply contact us at we will be pleased to help.

Notify employees

Act transparently and share with your employees your concern to improve. WorkMeter is mainly focused at employees, keeps privacy and offers benefits to both employees and enterprise.

It might be of help when notifying WorkMeter’s implementation to offer something in exchange like flexitime, telework, or internet unrestricted access. You could also propose voluntary installation. Remember you may count on one of our representatives to help you at this stage.

Image:ball.jpg Product installation

Download and install WorkMeter client First step to obtain metrics is to start gathering the data. To make this happen WorkMeter ‘’client’’ has to be installed and working in the devices. For this purpose you need to download the client from Log in with your account at WorkMeter and a download popup should show up pointing you to the client download. Once downloaded you should install it anywhere you like, the same file may be used to install on multiple devices. You can manually install WorkMeter by copying the file to each device or if you prefer you may use the ‘’net install’’ , you will need to know devices network name and get administrator privileges in order to proceed with this procedure. If you require of guidance to complete this step please contact us at .

Image:ball.jpg Group configuration

Configure groups and organise employees:

A short time after the installation when the client has gathered enough data is the point at which you should be defining your employees profile. You may create groups or departments assigning the employees to those. This will allow you to view the metrics aggregated per group and define productivity rules by department instead of doing it per employee.

After the group configuration you can access the employees panel to put employees in the groups you have created:

First results

Image:ball.jpg First results

First results may be perceived in all its potential after some days, all panels should contain meaningful information. You can enhance the productivity map and explore the results whenever you want; will alway be available. You will be able to set quantifiable objectives to your employees and obtain a continuous improvement from now on. Explore projects options and alerts to discover more functionalities and benefits.

Productivity map

Image:ball.jpg Productivity map

Setting up productivity rules Now is time to define the Productivity Map for each department and to review productivity. The Productivity Map is the list of productive applications for a given department. These rules allow to obtain the productive time. Creating managers for each department who manage each productivity map helps distributing the maintenance task of it.

Once the main elements have been set up you may now review the productivity of the whole company, a department or an employee. Explore the productivity options and applications to start learning about your workers workers productivity.

Image:ball.jpgAllow access to employee to see their data

WorkMeter recommends to give access to employees to checktheir data , this allows them to take self-awareness of time management .

The administrator can do this in two ways:

Option 1 : it can be configured globally for all employee before installing WorkMeter on their computers. In this way, all employees will have access to view their data by default.

Administrator shoud check the option Give access to the user's account data in the Configuration - General Options panel.

Option 2 : you can enable access employee by employee . This option lets you choose which employees have access , or configure it in stages, for example by department.

You should use the Employees panel of the Configuration menu, choose an employee and press edit button. Then you must check the "Allow Access" option. If you also check the box "Send Notification" , the employee will receive an e-mail informing of the steps to follow and the benefits WorkMeter offers .

The employee

Few minutes later, the employee may see the "Access Your Account" by clicking the right mouse button on the WorkMeter icon.

Here you will find more information about employee access:Web Access

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