• In what platform can I install WorkMeter client?
    • Windows: Windows XP and above
    • Mac: 10.5 tp 10.11

  • Could the WorkMeter Client slow down my internet connection. What is the required bandwidth?

WorkMeter sends an average of 50kb per hour, this should not be a problem with current average bandwidth. If this rate is still a problem it can be adjusted, contact us to know how.

  • Will WorkMeter Client keep track of my activity while i'm offline?

If no internet connection is available WorkMeter will keep gathering and storing locally the activity data and will send it when the connection is back.

  • Which browsers are compatible?

Any modern browser with Javascript capabilities should be able to run WorkMeter. The conducted tests showed that Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2.0+, Opera 10+, Safari 3.0+, Chrome are compatible browsers and may run WorkMeter correctly.

  • Where can i download Flash Player?

Flash player 7 or higher is required to view WorkMeter correctly, you may download a player directly from its official vendor totally free at


  • How can I download WorkMeter Client installer?

To download the installer you need to log into WorkMeter , with and administrator role, you'll find the installer under the section Configuration / Download Client.

  • How do I locally install WorkMeter Client?

To install WorkMeter you need to download WorkMeter Client to your device and execute the downloaded file to start an install wizard. On the first screen you should choose “install on this computer” option. Simply go through the next screens, this will install the WorkMeter Client with default settings.

  • I get an error when installing: Error opening file for writing

You can't install because you don't have administrator permissions on your computer. To install you should execute WorkMeter client with administrative privileges (right click "Run as" - enter admistrador credentials).

  • How do I remotely install WorkMeter Client?

To install WorkMeter remotely you should proceed as locally but this time choose the “Install on other LAN computer” option. Introduce the IP or device Lan name in the “Computer Name” field. User name and Password fields need to be filled with domain administrator credentials or those from the device.

  • How do I install WorkMeter Client in silent mode?

To install WorkMeter Client in silent mode, execute the binary with /S parameter, see the example. Example: C:\WORKMETER_AGENT.EXE /S

  • ¿How do I uninstall WorkMeter?

To uninstall WorkMeter according to the OS:

  • Windows
    • 32 bits: execute c:\Program Files\svcwm\uninstall.exe
    • 64 bits: execute : c:\Program Files (x86)\svcwm\uninstall.exe
  • Mac
    • execute : /Applications/workmeter/uninstaller
  • Linux execute :
    • sudo dpkg --remove WorkMeter
    • sudo dpkg --purge WorkMeter


  • I am trying to access but seems that my username and password are incorrect

Please make sure that that make sure CAPS lock is activated/deactivated as the system is case sensitive.

If this problem persists, try the "Forgot your password?" form, filling in with the email you registered you should be receiving an email to start the password recuperation process.


  • What information WorkMeter captures?

WorkMeter reports the times spend on each application but only when you are interacting with it. Keystrokes, application contents... won't be registered, only application details and times.

  • How will WorkMeter aggregate my data?

WorkMeter always reports the activity aggregated by a username , OS login username, we recommend that each user has a unique username in the corporate Lan, this will be aggregated as an employee.

  • Once installed not all users appear listed as employees in WorkMeter

WorkMeter registers activity with the system login username. If there are multiple machines in the same account with the same login username we ask you to choose one of the following instructions:

  • Change the login username such it is unique in the corporate Lan.
  • Configure the affected machines to registered the activity aggregated by "username\device name". To enable it go to Configuration / Devices, edit the devices you want to report with this key, in the form enable the "Use custom username", from now on, users reporting from this device will be aggregated by username and device name key; example: USER\PC_XP_01.

  • What is an employee in WorkMeter?

An employee is a user in a device with WorkMeter Client installed, reporting activity data and that will appear listed under Configuration / Employees. The administrator or a group manager might give an employee access to their WorkMeter allowing the user to see his activity and productivity data.

  • Someone has reported with different logins, I would like to unify the different logins under and employee, is it possible?

It is not possible to unify different logins once they have started reporting, this would mean to modify historical data WorkMeter handles data automatically and does not allow modifications. You can always set the same login username on the devices to unify under an employee the new activity data of the user.

  • How does WorkMeter hand multiple users in a same device

WorkMeter Client installs on every user of the device and so reporting all users activity done on that device.

  • Multiple employees use the device but I only want some to report

In such case you should disable the employee from the WorkMeter configuration.

  • When does WorkMeter Client start reporting?

WorkMeter starts collecting data when a user session is active on the device, and will send it whenever and internet connection is available.

  • We use a Java application that does not appear

By default, WorkMeter will report Java applications as Java.exe or JavaW.exe but you can configure it to report Java applications depending on window titles. See Configuration - Applications for further details.

  • In WorkMeter Client Mac Firefox appears very active

Current WorkMeter Client Mac version does not register Firefox URL.

  • If I got some scheduled tasks on my device , how is this reflected in WorkMeter?

WorkMeter registers users activity not tasks executed automatically or which are not being interactively run.

  • Yesterday I worked offline and activity data do not appear in the WorkMeter console , however if there are data from this morning

The data of activity that yesterday were stored on your computer are of lower priority and will send at the same time that the current data. Old data will be visible after a while of being connected.

  • If I'm working with two applications at the same time, how the activity will be reflected on WorkMeter?

A user can interact with onw application simultaneously: only with the application in foreground. If you're working with two applications, you're always changing the focus from one to another and the time reflected on WorkMeter will be the time dedicated to each of these changes


  • How is the data reported?

The reported data can be shown individually or by groups. The Everybody group by default contains all the employees, you may create other groups and move employees into to fit your organization's structure.

  • How do I disable an employee?

To disable an employee you need to log into WorkMeter as an account administrator. Under the Configuration / Employees section click on the X next to the employee you want to disable. Disabled employees will stop reporting activity despite the device the user is logged.

  • How do I know which role i got in WorkMeter?
  • If you are an administrator WorkMeter should be showing you all tabs and sections and you should be able to configure all groups.
  • If you are a group manager WorkMeter will allow you to see the tabs you have been given and optionally you may be able to configure some options for your group.
  • If you are an employee WorkMeter will show you only your data and the tabs so you may analyze yourself.


  • When does the Idle Tracking appear?

The dialog box for Idle Tracking appears whenever an employee comes back to the device he was logged in and he has surpassed the assigned inactive time. This setting may be configured under Configuration / Schedule / Pause configuration / Discard pauses smaller than N minutes (by default 5 minutes).

  • When I come back to my device, sometimes the Idle Tracking dialog is not showing

Make sure that your machine does not have the power saving features enabled or that the inactive time is not less than the configured minimum inactive time.

  • Can I customize the Idle Tracking dialog options?

Yes, the account's administrator is able to. Under Configuration / Schedule / Idle tracking new options may be added or modified. Administrators may also mark the option as an active and productive activity or just as active.


  • How are pauses reported?

Whenever you stop interacting with the device, WorkMeter starts counting pause time. The same occurs when the device is in stand by or suspended.

  • WorkMeter does not show correctly the hour at which I started working

Starting the device is not enough to make WorkMeter start reporting activity, a user needs to log in and interact with the device.

  • In the activity report, may I see the hours at which I worked? I see the amount of active hours but I do not see the hours at which I was active

Under the Schedule tab you got a chart showing the hours at which WorkMeter found you active.

  • The Schedule tab shows a pause interval of 2 hours but when I go to the Schedule Detail tab the pauses shown exceed the 2 hours. How is it possible?

At the Schedule Detail tab the pauses field is an aggregated of all the pauses done. The Schedule chart prints only the pauses surpassing the minimum pause time established by the administrator (by default 5 minutes)

  • In the Schedule tab the end hour shows and hour before the current hour and I am still working. Is there a problem?

The normal behavior. WorkMeter sends the activity data periodically to the servers to be processed, it is normal that the most recent activity is not shown immediately.

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